Winter fly fishing: Utah

Even though Utah primarily attracts skiers during the winter season, what you might not know is that the fly fishing in and around Park City, Utah can be fantastic this time of year.  Because of the two tailwater fisheries (dam controlled river that has optimal water temperature and flow) in such close proximity to Park City, makes the Weber River and Provo RIver fly fishing a year-round activity for tourist and locals alike.

In the winter time, the Provo River and Weber River get a great midge hatch.  One could argue it is maybe even the best hatch of the year.  The winter fly fishing in Utah will really start to get exciting in the next two weeks and will last until the end of april. The first midge hatch of the year (a size 22-26 small black and olive midge)  has already started on the middle Provo River.

 In the next week or so, we should see the lower Provo River get its first solid midge hatch.  What makes the midge hatch on the lower Provo so exciting is that the midges will really cluster together.  Instead of throwing a size 24 fly that you can hardly see, you can throw a size 12-16 fly that imitates all the midges stuck together. The hatch that I personally look forward to fishing the most is the buffalo midge, which is a gigantic midge size 16-18.  This oxymoron of a midge will start to hatch at the end of February and stick around for about a month and a half.  This hatch is primarily on the Weber River and middle Provo River.  Fly fishing in Utah during the winter season can be spectacular.  Imagine big black midges floating down the river in swarms, making the fish go crazy. 

What separates ourselves from other Utah fly fishing guides is that we always have top-notch guides on staff year-round.  So if you’re in Park City on a vacation and you need a break from skiing or are just looking for a new winter activity, give us a call.